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Copy and Paste at turbo speed on Mac systems. Gladwev Software brings to you Copy and Paste tool named Turbo Copy
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30 December 2014

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The only copy and paste function available for mac that can be paused and resumed with ease and withour any loss of data, now can easily be done with the help of Turbo Copy Pro tool by Gladwev Software.
A faster copy and paste of data on mac is now possible with the help of Turbi Copy Pro. With this tool installed n your systems, the shortcut keys (CTRL+command+V for paste) enables you to move your data from one place to the other at turbo speeds with terrific options to pause and resume the process and do not worry there will be no loss of data for sure.
Turbo Copy Pro is a revolutionary tool that will change your Mac experience forever. It will provide you with a feature that you never had before and no tool provided it made it possible for you to do so. With the new Turbo Copy Pro you can now perform all the functions related to copying and pasting on your Mac, which you could not do before.
This tremendous tool works as a completely independent application to successfully complete the copy function on your Mac. Since the Copy and Paste options available on your Mac don’t originally include all of the needed requirements of a complete copy function, Turbo Copy Pro comes as a much needed aid as it helps one to complete the entire set of Copy and Paste Functions on Mac.
Some of its many features include,
1. A Special Xlogic that adds a turbo boost in the speed at which the copying of data to any portable drive takes place.
2. It allows one to empty any needed space if the portable disc is full and also gives out a warning in such cases.
3. This tool also enables you to pause and resume a copy action being used on a large file.
4. The option of merging and enabling two or more Directories is also made available by this tool.
5. This exemplary tool is also easy to use as it fully integrates into one’s Mac’s copy and paste functions.
Download this amazing tool now to have the greatest working experiences on your Mac.

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